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Age: 9


1220 since Jan 12, 2020


Today, I am 8 years old. I started taking part in commercials at the age of 7. My first ever commercial was for the TBC Bank Insurance. Next one was for SILKNET, a television manufacturer. The most recent one was for MAGTICOM, a mobile network provider company.
I have also had a photo shoot with a brand, Trussardi Junior Georgia.
In general I really enjoy taking part in commercials or having photo shoots. I get to know other people and it is an enjoyable thing to do for me.


2019 - Trussardi Junior Georgia


2018 - TBC Bank Insurance commercial
2019 - SILKNET (a television manufacturer) commercial
2019 - MAGTICOM (a mobile network provider company) commercial.


2018 - Present

I play tennis and plan on doing so for many years to come. I enjoy every single training and look forward to the next one. At this moment I am preparing to start participating in tournaments and my goal is to become a champion.

Hobbies / interests

football, cycling, building LEGO's, playing video games

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London - Stockholm

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