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I was born on the beautiful Caribbean island called Curacao. My mom is from Curacao, and my Dad is from the Netherlands. In 2015 we moved (back) to the Netherlands.

My mom asked me if I would like to become a model. And I said yes. So, she sent in an email to a casting agency called The Kids B.v.

We never thought that things would move so fast, considering the number of kids that actually register at casting agencies. The day after mom had sent the email, we received a response with an invitation. We were very happy and surprised, and we accepted the invitation. On the day of the appointment, they made something they call headshots. I was not actually shot (hahaha...) they made pictures of my face and posture.

The agency does this to be able to show the pictures to their clients (brands). A week after my headshot, we were called in for a couple of castings. One of my favourite brands was interested in a photo shoot - Scotch & Soda...


Scotch & Soda, Scotch Shrunk, Lief, Rebel, Revolt, Whekamp, Nesquick

Xiomama and Linda

Hobbies / interests

Baseball, soccer and reading

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