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When I was five years old, doctors told my parents that I had bad posture. They got upset and began to think about how to rectify the situation. After some reflection, they decided to send me to a modelling school, so I learn how to walk nicely with a straight back. But all of a sudden I liked to be a model. Teachers taught me catwalk and many interesting things that models need to know. You will not believe, but my first appearance on the podium was more exciting for my mum rather than for me. I was confident in myself. I was only four years old, but I remember well that I presented the Japanese clothing brand Miki House. The podium was decorated with flowers and people were sitting around looking at me. It felt very nice. I liked to be on the catwalk in beautiful clothes, to be in the spotlight. I think that now I do it very well...


Bayer, Oldos, O’Key, Ralf Ringer, Juno, Ariant, Point of Beauty, Univ, Aeroexpress

Gioia di Mamma, Fashion of Russia, Aerobus, Gino de Luka, Ferrari, Canzitex

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Graduated from a fashion school (certificate) in 2014, is engaged in school athletics, singing, choreography and acting, two years, engaged in the theater Studio of children centre "Radost". Currently in a chamber music theatre named after B. Pokrovsky.

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