Dancer, Actor, Singer

Age: 10

United States

206 since Dec 22, 2019


Karson is in his 3rd year of company dancing and this will be his first year competing. He is extremely passionate about dancing, as well as singing and acting. He has also been doing community theater for the past 4 years, even starring as Toto in the Wizard of Oz. He has one brother and comes from a very artistic family. He hopes to work in TV m/Movies and dance on Broadway stages. Karson is also an advocate for the LBGTQ community and a proud member himself. Hoping that all people can feel confident enough to “Be super. Just Be YOU!”


2019 - Free To Be Kids
2019 - Fab Kids Fash


2019 - The Lion King (hyena)
2019 - Charleston Street (Newsboy)
2018 - Wizard of Oz (Toto)
2017 - Willy Wonka (Oompa Loompa)
2017 - The Little Mermaid (chorus)


2019 - Nuvo Ballet Standout Scholarship
2019 - Charleston Street
2018 - North Pole Flamingo Ballet
2018 - The Screen
2017 - Sylvie’s Holiday Dream Ballet


Karson has been taking voice lessons for the last 3 years and has been featured in a few vocal showcases and even performed in Tokyo.

Hobbies / interests

Traveling, Fishing, going to the movies!

Specialised training

Gotta Dance Company, Bender Performing Arts

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