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My name's Marco La Penna, and I was born in Naples. Mom says I was like she had imagined me: with blond hair and blue eyes. I got my first job as a baby model by chance. Mom sent my photos to a fashion agency in Florence and immediately confirmed me for the Calvin Klein fashion show at Pitti Bimbo in January 2009 and then in June 2009. I do not remember much, but from the videos that mom showed me, it was really fun and exciting.

Later I participated in other events at Pitti Bimbo in January 2017 and June 2017. I walked for Harmont & Blaine, Silvian Heach, Aston Martin, Diesel, Richmond at the fashion show. I posed for the magazine "Style Piccoli". I participated in several shootings for different brands such as Paolo Pecora Milano, Fred Mello Kids, Entreamis Garcon, Manuelle&Frank, Brian Rush, Fun&Fun, Falorma, Impero Couture… I always had a lot of fun on the set. I remember when, during the fashion show for Silvian Each and Aston Martinthe, stylist Gianfranco Vitale sat down with us and told us many funny stories. I also remember with great pleasure when Belen Rodriguez marched with me and other children at the Impero Couture show. It was really a great emotion...


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