Dancer, Model

Age: 14

United States

87 since Feb 14, 2020


I'm a 13-year-old boy dancer living in San Diego, CA. I train in many dance styles of dance, such as Ballet, Ballroom, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Jazz, and tap. My career goal is become a professional ballet dancer and ballroom dancer.


2011 National Title Hollywood Dancesport
2017 Mini Male Core Performer Radix Nationals
2017 1st Runner up Mini Male The Dance Awards
2019 1st Place winner at the Royal Ball Ballroom
2019 1st Place winner Emerald Ball
2020 Youth Grand Prix Award YAGP

Hobbies / interests

Plays guitar, plays piano, hiking, swimming

Specialised training

Ballet, Ballroom, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-hop, tap

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London - Stockholm

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