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Hi! My name is Michael Ditkovskiy! I live in Moscow, Russia. I go to the specialised school, in which in addition to the regular subjects we have a lot of music lessons. So it is a kind of Music school. I play the piano and take academic vocal lessons, I also sing in the kids’ pop group Double Trouble with my friend Anna Sutormina, whom I met at one of my modelling photo shoots. I have been a part of PK Management modelling agency since 5, and I also act in the movies since I was four weeks old. I have seven movies in my pocket now! I also took part in the opera production Un Ballo in Maschera at the Helikon Opera Theater, in which I have played a son of two main characters for three years.

I like to act more than to take part in photo sessions, but sometimes they can also be fun, especially when they let me act there and it is always an excuse not to go to school! Shooting for catalogues is really boring, but even there you can meet friends. That is why a love modelling - I met a lot of good kids there! I don’t like to look at my photos in magazines and catalogues but being on the storefront is fun! I was there for “TVOE” and “Gloria Jeans” companies. I was in Vogue kids, Elle kids, Harpers Bazar, Grazia and others...


Tvoe, Aviva, Shopette, Atplay, Gloria Jeans

Elle Kids, Vouge Kids, Harper’s Bazaar

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Singing, playing the piano

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