Dancer, Model, Athlete

Age: 11

United States

331 since Jun 10, 2019


Miles Dawson is a ten year old athletic phenom who is engaged in the art of dance, be it break dancing or hip hop choreography, with a dab of beginner ballet classes. Miles is a gifted child athlete who competes at a high level, and is usually the first kid picked for any team sport. Miles is easy to get along with, and takes direction very well.


Capezio Fit Model - Totowa, NJ


"Dancing on the Parkway" - CBS 3, Philadelphia


"Dancing on the Parkway" - Philadelphia
"Man in Motion" - New York, NY
"Groove Nationals" - Myrtle Beach, SC
"OnStage New York" - New York, NY
"Precision Arts" - New York, NY

Hip-Hop Dance, Beginner Ballet, Beginner Break Dance, Beginner/Intermediate Trombone

Hobbies / interests

Gymnastics, Skateboarding, Football, Basketball, Swimming/Diving,

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