Dancer, Singer

Age: 15


160 since Mar 26, 2019


dancing since I could walk, I was sashay and plie where ever I went. I was diagnosed as an idiopathic toe walker and was serial cast as a toddler unsuccessfully. Had heel cord lengthening surgery when I was 7 which entailed mths in a wheelchair and night splints for 12 mths. Then the rehab really started with countless hours at the physio, pilates and shockwave therapy. I had to spend so many hours with my dance teacher adjusting my gait and learning how to correct my posture. I love dancing so much and couldn't think of any other ways to fill my days. The patience, love and support of my dance teachers resonate a safe place where dreams are achieved, I was bullied badly at my last school but changed this year. Life is good


Studying RAD syllabus grade 6 and interfound, Contemporary, jazz, tap and pointe

2 seasons with the South Australian children's ballet company, ITP student in the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne both achieved through auditioning

dancetrain magazing twice, The Advertiser, and the Eastern courier

Hobbies / interests

love cooking and camping

Specialised training

Terry Simpson, Australian Ballet School Melbourne

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London - Stockholm

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