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Hi, my name is Ravi. I am 9 years old. I live in the Netherlands. I have big and curly hair, and people always give me a lot of compliments about it. A friend of my mother, also a photographer, started taking photos of me. That’s when people told me that I have a great talent.

I am a boy with a lot of energy. I love to play outdoors a lot, I love the attention I sometimes get. But when someone points a camera at me, something within me changes - as if there is a button in my head. When I press the button, I am very focused. At that moment, there is only a photographer and me. I know exactly which poses I have already done. When the photographer tells me he needs a specific emotion, I focus on that emotion. Right there, at that moment, I am that emotion. That is something I was always able to do. I cannot remember not being able to do that...


Berden, Houtbrox, Zoïzo, Jetpaq, Filemina, Voetjes & Zo, The Little Style Guide, Kidscorner

JBC in Belgium


Klem, Uilenbal

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