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Hi, my name is Tajus. I am Lithuanian, but I was born and raised in Ireland. At the moment I am attending 4th class.

I have an interesting story about my first job in the modelling industry, as I was only five months old at the time. A picture of me as a baby that my dad sent was shown on live television, and I even won a flat-screen TV! Too sad I cannot remember any of it myself.
My actual first job was when I was six years old. I was asked to participate in promoting a movie that I really like - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was an amazing chance to work at the premiere of the movie in Dublin, where I met a lot of well-known people. After the event, my picture was published in a digital magazine. I can say that my favourite hobby helped me to become a model.

Up until now, my favourite job was to work as a featured extra in a movie called ‘The Hole in the Ground’, where I played a schoolboy.

Of course, just like all children, I have other hobbies and fun activities that I enjoy. It is now five years since I first started training in the martial art of Kickboxing. I really enjoy training and competing. One of my biggest achievements is placing 1st in the largest Kickboxing event in Europe. Even though it takes up most of my free time, I enjoy training to become even better at it. Competing in front of crowds of people has made me more confident to work in front of the camera and new people...


Evoke.ie Mutant Ninja Turtles movie premier - Dublin


The hole in the ground - film.

Hobbies / interests

Martial arts - Kickboxing, Karate.
Gymnastics and Drawing. Always Staying Active.

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