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United States

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Hello, my name is Zakai White and I live in Chesterfield, Virginia. I have always enjoyed dressing up and wearing a bow tie. People would walk up to my mum and I and say: 'He is dressed so nice, like a model.' I, eventually told my mum that I would like to try it out since everyone thinks I am a model anyway. Initially, my Mum said it probably would be difficult because we did not live in a big city. We found out it wasn’t that difficult. My mum did some research and found Modelogic, a reputable agency not too far from our house. We went in and met with the director of New Faces. The agency thought that I was a good fit and they decided to represent me. The next step was the photo-shoot for my Comp Cards. It was a lot of fun, I got to change clothes, and my favourite part was taking pictures with my golf clubs...


Virginia Tourism
Navy Exchange
Hearth and Plow

Hobbies / interests

Zakai enjoys playing golf and has played since he was four years old. He also plays association basketball and loves animals.

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