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Introducing our new BoysDance Magazine Awards program.

Our approach is rather simple. Being a print media, we are promoting the best of dance photography. There are many other platforms and competitions that assess your actual dance skills 'in motion'. We are a little bit different. Photography can only capture a frozen moment of your dance. And we want to celebrate that moment.

  1. If you want to participate, you can use #BoysDanceMagazine and #ThisBoyCan hashtags under your amazing dance photo.

  2. The best photos get reposted at @boysdance.magazine Insta.

  3. At the end of each week, we check the Instagram statistics. The post that got most views in the last 30 days receives 10 points. The second best post receives 9 points, etc.

  4. The points are accumulated in the table above (https://boys.dance/awards/).

  5. The top 10 dancers of the YEAR with the highest overall scores will receive amazing awards: 

    • The winner gets the cover feature in the upcoming issue of BoysDance Magazine plus one of our T-shirts (https://thisboycan.win/apparel). However, if the winner has had a cover feature in one of our previous issues, then he will get a custom made poster instead (https://thisboycan.win/customdesign) ($50 value)

    • The other 9 winners get a regular 6-page feature in one of the upcoming issues (or a smaller custom made poster, $40 value)

    • Also, the top 10 ten participants of our contests (like #splitcontest etc.), get bonus points (from 10 to 1). And, of course, their winning photos will be published in the subsequent issue of BoysDance Mag.

    • Also, the best post of the year (as per Instagram stats) gets one extra bonus point monthly.


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