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Canela Photography by Patricia Martinez

My passion for photography surfaced early in life when I would study old photographs for hours. I realized in those early years the power and importance of recording memories for future generations. When not engrossed in photography I would craft or draw with various materials.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Visual Arts(Media) from the University of California, San Diego in 2004. While at UCSD I studied with world-renowned artists in many different art mediums. One of my favourite field of studies while at UCSD was that of painting. I had the privilege to be one of the few recommended for the advanced courses in painting with Ruben Ortiz-Torres, Kim MacConnel and Barbara Kruger. While at UCSD I studied enough to minor in both Painting and Photography.

Ballet photography is my lifelong artistic pursuit. Though I did not have the privilege to be classically trained in ballet I made it a goal of mine to find a way to bring ballet into my life. I really enjoy collaborating with dancers. I am grateful to be San Diego Ballet's resident photographer for their current season and had a fantastic time being their resident photographer for their pas season.

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