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Featured dancer: Coran Spence-Gold

I was around 9 years old when I first attended a local dance school and was casually taking commercial classes. After a while, the principal of the school approached me and offered me a scholarship to start ballet classes and that was when I really fell in love with dance and I haven’t stopped ever since.

My favourite styles of dance are ballet, contemporary and lyrical. Each style offers me so much, from the technique to the ability to be freer and improvise.

There are so many inspiring choreographers but some of my favourites are Wayne McGregor, Justin Peck, Ricky Jinks, Josh Denyer, Lukas McFarlane and Dane Bates.

There are so many dancers that inspire me too, but my favourites are David Hallberg, Steven McRae, Joseph Sissens, Akane Takada, Anna Rose O’Sullivan, Francesca Haywood and Josh Denyer.

I’ve been blessed with the most supportive ballet coach and mentor in my ballet teacher Layla, she’s incredible.

I don’t really do competitions now, as I just want to focus on my training at 100%. I do one daydream of entering the Prix de Lausanne.

My biggest challenge so far in my ballet training/career has been the constant struggle I have with low self-esteem, confidence and anxiety. It’s made things really hard at times.

My biggest career goal is to one day be a Principle dancer at a ballet company such as the Dutch National Ballet, Royal Ballet, ABT, Mariinsky or NDT. After dancing I would love to go on and be a choreographer.

My family are so supportive, I’m really lucky. They accept me for who I am and do everything in their power to help me, even though financially it’s incredibly tough.

Throughout the last few years, I have encountered so much bullying for just being me and being a ballet dancer. I’ve been physically and verbally bullied and it’s been awful. I have always kept going because my love of ballet/dance is everything to me and it’s the only time I feel truly happy and I won’t let small-minded people take that away from me. If anything, being bullied has given me even more drive and focus to go on achieving my dreams.

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