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It’s all about dedication, hard work, patience and resilience - Alec Golinger

Hi my name is Alec, I am 11 years old. I live in Melbourne. I have been been in the modelling/acting industry for just over a year. I love modeling, singing, acting and sport at a competitive level. I have a friendly and gregarious personality and a big smile.

I honour and am enthusiastic about being in front of the camera and on set. I work well with both crew and talent, and take direction willingly and professionally. When I model I listen. I don’t talk a lot. I listen to the photographer, or whoever is in charge and respond to the brief. If there are a lot of people on a shoot I work as a team and don’t try to stand out or get attention. I love working with people from all ages and helping with the younger kids on set. I am fun and loveable with lots of energy. Being successful in this industry is really about dedication, hard work, patience and resilience.

For every yes you get in this arena there are also many no’s that have come before. I learned to have the ability to roll with the punches and not take it personally. That is crucial in the industry. I try and have an attitude of abundance that there is enough work for everyone, and I am very grateful for whatever work comes my way.

Having a great acting and modelling agency is really important. Working with people that you trust, that believe in you, and that have your back is important. If you have nothing nice to say about your agent you shouldn’t be with them.

Acting is very different than modelling. It takes skill and talent and a lot of hard work. Classes, accent training, showreels, auditions etc. Once in a job, long hours, and lots of takes and rehearsals. That on top of school, homework, and other commitments, makes your life very busy. To be in this industry you have to want it a lot! If you are not self motivated and don’t want it enough it would be difficult. This industry is about balance. The parents have to help kids to do this at this age. I have full support from my family.

Last fall I performed on stage at Malvern Theatre Company in a play In the Garden. That is about life of Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgewood. I played Charles Dar- win as a child, and then I returned as Charles Darwin’s son Willy.

Often shoots may entail props, so having other skills such as sporting ability or other unique gifts help. I am a black belt that has won a National title for Taekwondo and compete regularly. I am skilled at soccer, basketball, swimming and most sports. I was in the Young Voices of Melbourne choir for over two years and love to sing.

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