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Maui Beck's story

Maui Beck

I just wanted to show everyone that I am adopted. I live with my white family, since I’m 4 years old, that saved me just because they where told that I might won’t survive in Africa, because I was literally found on the floor. They fought for 3-4 long years to make it. And when finally most of the paper work was done, my mother took the plane and went to Africa (by herself) where she could have dyed trying to get to me so many times because of her own white skin color, and also because Burundi 🇧🇮 there is still civil wars happening, and I could have died on the way out too. But here I am, alive, happy, not hungry, living my life, I even have a dog with 8 lil puppies. But there is only one thing missing that disgusts me a lot.

I can’t believe that my brothers and sister are still fighting because some of them are darker, lighter, have different eyes, different hair or whatever. And yes I just called every human, brothers and sisters, since we all have the same bodies that react the same way emotionally depending on what you have lived, learned, done, said and more.

What I’m trying to say is, that racism was taught from whoever you where surrounded that made you think that way because the fact is that we all the same, and that black people (Asian, Mexican, African, American etc.) act like this because of fear, and guess what white people have fear to, so you should know how that feels, you should know that some things are just blocked because of fear.

So please don’t make us feel that fear.

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