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'What you do today, can change all of your tomorrows' - Braylon Browner

I started dancing at the age of seven. I was always waiting in my dance studios lobby for my sister to get out of class; and one day my mom asked me if I wanted to take a class, and I initially said no because I thought it was for girls only, but when my mom and studio owner practically dragged me into my first ballet class, I instantly fell in love with dance.

My favourite dance style has to be contemporary, I love how contemporary can be so many different things, and how you can make so many choices while expressing yourself.

My favourite choreographers have to be Lex Ishimoto, Taylor Tsvyetkov, and Teddy Forance; they all have such a unique style and create from a place of honesty that is just so inspiring to watch.

Competing and conventions are some of my favourite ways to showcase my art, I train all year long to be able to perform and be on stage, and to do what I love. At the end of the year, I compete at The Dance Awards, which is where all of my training from the past year is showcased, as a first-year teen I received top 20 which was something super special to me. I also loved my time working with Abby Lee Miller on a super fun project, she is so fun to work with and wants the best for all of her dancers...

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