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Master Ballet Academy
Master Ballet Academy
Master Ballet Academy

Master Ballet Academy offers the highest quality instruction in ballet, while also offering top level contemporary, jazz and lyrical dance. We are commited to bringing out the very best in each and every one of our students.

Master Ballet Academy offers classes for beginners (from 3 year olds) to pre-professional levels. The introductory classes set a great basis for dance, giving young children a taste of ballet and tap. As our students grow we expect them to work hard in order to achieve their goals. The main focus in the studio is ballet, instruction for it is based on the Vaganova method, the most effective ballet training in the world. During variations classes students are exposed to all major masters, including Balanchine. Flexibility is very important for dance, that's why we implement gymnastic style stretching & strength training.
For well-rounded dancers we also offer top level contemporary and jazz classes. We believe that proper discipline and proper training is the key to success. The discipline we teach is effective not only in the dance world, but also in the dancer's everyday life.

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